1. Great American Donut Shop in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Opened by  Cambodia native Sae Taing 23 years ago, he continues to serve Bowling Green with delicious batches of fresh donuts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  A window between the lobby and the kitchen allows you to watch the creation of every donut. Just by talking to him, you can tell that he truly puts his heart into making these donuts great for the customer. As I was paying, my girlfriend was texting.  Taing politely told her, “Eat donut now, text later.” These donuts demand your attention.

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    Gads is a bowling green staple.
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    These are the best donuts on the planet, y’all. AND they’re less than a dollar a pop.
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    YES. GADS was a summer tradition this past summer. A couple times a week at midnight, me and a few buddies went to GADS...
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